Security, Subtlety, and Style With Willow Windows Orangeries

Key Features

  • The use of brickwork gives the look that it was part of the original design
  • Allows for more privacy than standard conservatories due to brick pillars
  • Large skylight allows for lots of natural light

An orangery is very similar to a conservatory or a greenhouse, but contains a lot more brickwork than the majority of other designs and styles. The brickwork is designed to look as if it has always been a part of your house, with large windows and doors installed as well as a glass roof these orangeries are perfect if you want a home extension that looks as if it were part of the original building.

Increasing the amount of space to your home, orangeries are perfect for any home and anybody.

The brickwork of these orangeries can be made to match your house perfectly and the glass roof will help warm the room as well as increase the flow of natural light through your home.

Please view our galleries to get an idea of the design of the orangery and see how it would attach to your house as if it were always there.

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